6 videos to help you escape Mondays

6 videos to help you escape Mondays

Mondays. It’s just another day, but for the unlucky it’s the beginning of another 5 days of grinding it out. If that’s you, let me at least give you a few moments of escape. A cure for a case of the Mondays. Take a couple of minutes and enjoy yourself with some good, clean, craziness with bikes. Escape Mondays. Embrace all things bikes.

This stuff just keeps getting sillier.

Silly is kind of the point, here.

Oh, you can commute by bike year ’round, you just don’t want to.

Slow and steady actually does win this race.

This one is all business.

Skip to 0:40, the video itself is a bit… wanting… but the process is the interesting part (thanks Geoff).